Price plans and a little about me.


121 at your home or workplace/outdoors

£30 121 session

additional £10 per person for group sessions

e.g. £40 2  people

       £50 3 people

Group booking


For events or group bookings please get in touch to discuss requirements and cost.

Regular classes


Regular classes can be accommodated depending on area and available space to practice.  Please get in touch for a chat to talk through possibilities


A little about me

Having worked for others my whole life and finding that it has never brought me happiness I wanted to try something new. I have practiced and enjoyed yoga for many years but it became part of my life when my mum died.  It has helped bring some peace to my world and given me a community of support and understanding. 

I have successfully completed my 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training and want to share what has helped, and continues to help, get me through the tough times.  I am not a super fit, head standing yogi, I like to concentrate on connecting and breathing through poses at a slow pace and checking in with where I am.

I didn't think this was something I would ever have the courage to do and I hope that I can bring some calm and happiness to others.